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We think once you read about our breakouts for Hope at Home 2012 that you are going to want to be there. Each breakout session will end with an opportunity for you to receive faith-filled prayer with our Hope at Home Team. The problem will be in deciding which 3 to choose! Click HERE to find out more about our Conference, to read speaker bio's, and to REGISTER. Mark your calendars now to be in Atlanta October 5-6! 
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Hope at Home 2012 Breakouts

When Love Changes the Brain

  Dr. Susan Hillis

New scientific evidence demonstrates the positive influence of a parent's love on a child's brain architectures;  this is in stark contrast with the detrimental impact of toxic stress.  Together with what we know about God's steadfast love and faithfulness, these discoveries have Implications for positive parenting, patience, and Hope in God.

A Marriage Made in Heaven: Pursuing a Kingdom Culture at Home

  Scott and Jenni Means, Brad and Kate Aldrich

God designed marriage to be a reflection of His love relationship with us. It is through Jesus our Bridegroom, who came to make us His bride both now and forever, that we have intimacy with God. So, it makes sense that if we want intimacy in our marriages we should endeavor for them reflect the culture of His Kingdom.  See your marriage transformed and refreshed as the power of God's Kingdom infuses your relationship. This is the real way to have a marriage made in heaven!

Hope at Home with Teens  

Stephen and Beth Templeton with Adam Braund

Looking for Answers? This breakout is for those with teens and those wanting to prepare for this exciting and often challenging season of parenting. These years are full of opportunities for growth and increased wholeness as our children face the primary task of adolescence-- answering the question “Who Am I?” The realities of our children’s past relinquishment, and even their adoption, contribute to a greater degree of complexity as we navigate this delicate time in their lives. We will share some of our successes and failures with the more common issues parents face. We won’t be giving formulas, but we are confident that we each have unhindered access to The Answer, found in our relationship with our Lord.

Thriving as a Single Mother 

Renee Johnson

This session will take a personal look at multiple strategies for not only surviving, but also thriving as a single adoptive mom. Renee will explore these practical topics; studying your child, identifying and prioritizing needs, eliminating the unnecessary, matching resources with needs, survival tips, finding fellowship, and defining our family.

Discovering the Unique Treasure in Your Child

    Greg and Michelle Haswell

Each of our children has been fearfully and wonderfully made. God knitted them together in the womb and graced them with distinct abilities and gifts. He has many good things planned for them, to prosper and not to harm them. In this session we will discuss how we can discover, support and launch the children in our homes into the unique and distinct callings on their lives. 

Education, Learning, and Your Child’s Identity

Adam Braund (LMSW)

In this session Adam Braund will take parents through an interactive discussion of some of the education and learning issues adoptive parents face. He will help us better understand our role in the often complicated process of our adopted child’s education and learning as we partner with God to see our child live in the fullness and joy of their God-given identity. 

God’s Special Heart for Special Needs 
Bill and Giselle Brown

Have you ever considered that of the 37-recorded miracles Jesus performed, twenty were performed on adults and children with special needs?  This would certainly indicate that our Creator has a special heart and concern for those with physical and mental challenges.  In this session, Bill and Gisele will share their personal experience as adoptive parents of a special needs child as well as share practical suggestions and resources.  A portion of the session will be interactive, giving time for networking and praying for one another. You are not alone!

Speaking LIFE into our Children
Greg Haswell

Parents have been assigned by God a place of authority in their children's lives. What we say therefore has more power than most to frame their worlds. Our tongues carry the power of life and death and this session will remind us how to harness their power for the good of our children. Come discover how to leave a legacy of life giving speech for your children.

Lessons for Fathers from Exodus

     Brian Hillis

Encouragement will be drawn from the book of Exodus for dads who have adopted children.  Moses led a journey through the desert towards the promised land, similar to the journey many of us are living.  Brian Hillis will take a look at the book of Exodus to draw encouragement and see evidence of God's active hand in the life of Moses, as well as in our own lives.

Adoption Through the Eyes of Marriage

     Brad and Kate Aldrich, Scott and Jenni Means

Adoption is a journey that can either strengthen or pull apart your marriage. Having the common goal of bringing a new child home easily becomes life's focus. Brad and Kate share how their adoption pulled them in different directions, and how they eventually refocused on their marriage journey, keeping God's amazing design for marriage first. 

Fathering with Authority and Grace

    Dionne van Zyl and Stephen Templeton

In this session we will be discussing some foundational principals of fathering, including the biblical authority of a father and the practical outworking of this spiritual mantle God has put on our lives. As such we will address the problem of passivity and the need to parent forward rather than backward. We will discuss some of the unique challenges of fathering adopted children with an emphasis on practical application. Finally there will be opportunity for prayer and ministry at the end of the session. Fathers are encouraged to attend.

Helping Your Child Hear and Experience God

    Jenni Means 

Our heart's desire as parents is to see our children walking full of faith in a love relationship with God.  We will explore ways to help us hear God as parents and to help our children hear the voice of God for themselves. This is a real key to breakthrough from an orphan spirit to walking in our full identity as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

Connecting with Your Child; Helping Your Child Connect with You

    Renee Johnson

In this session Renee will take a practical, experiential-based and hands-on look at several aspects of bonding.  Included in the discussion will be the basic areas of connection, tools and strategies that have easy implementation, setting bonding goals, measuring one’s success and finding encouragement in the small steps.

Real Moms Connecting with a Real and Present God

     Michelle Haswell and Michele Borsic

All mothers have seasons when our circumstances, and even the people we love most, place intense demands on our strengths and test our weaknesses. How do we stay strong? How do we get refreshed and strengthened so that there is an overflow available to meet the needs around us? In this breakout we will look at real ways that real moms connect with a real and present God. 

The Joys of Godly Diversity - Reflections from a Transracial Family

     Brad and Kate Aldrich

Becoming a transracial family opens cultural realities and challenges many families have never before experienced. Yet, God's definition of "neighbor" challenges how we understand and respond to difficult looks and questions. Moving beyond color blind and using the tools the Holy Spirit has equipped us with to confront racism, celebrate friendships, and find the joys of true Godly diversity. 

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