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This may not be the most riveting post you have ever read, but we do think you will appreciate knowing more about our speakers for HOPE AT HOME 2012 CONFERENCE. We think that when you read about this group of people God is putting together you are going to want to attend! 

Registration is open now-- Enjoy the Early Bird Rate until August 15th. Click HERE to register.

If you'd like to look at the breakout topics then click HERE. You'll notice that many of our sessions are lead by couples. Hope at Home 2012 is a wonderful opportunity for you and your spouse to receive the love of God for yourselves as parents and as a couple.

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Hope at Home 2012 from Hope at Home on Vimeo.

(We still have a few spots open for H@HKids! August 4. We would LOVE to meet your children and pour out the love of their Heavenly Father on them. For details and to register click HERE.)

Susan Hillis: When Love Changes the Brain
 Brian and Susan Hillis
Susan has been a believer for 38 years, married to a godly servant for 35, a mother for 26, a US government federal official for 20, and a university professor for 10 years. She is the mother of 11 children, 8 of whom were adopted from Russia after the tragic death of her first-born son on the day before his tenth birthday. It is her deep joy and privilege to have received untold personal blessings from the living God. She has worked and ministered in countries in South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. She participates widely as an invited speaker at scientific and Christian conferences. She has published more than 80 articles in scientific medical journals and is considered one of the leading infectious diseases experts on the HIV risk among vulnerable youth around the world. Dr. Hillis is a recent recipient of the Outstanding Service Medal as a Captain in the U.S. Public Health Service.
During her married life she has worn many hats, including stay-at-home mom, graduate student, missionary, government official, nurse, scientist, and university professor. She has experienced infertility, caring for a son with a fatal heart condition, loss of her son through a fatal biking accident, and 8 international adoptions of older children from Russian orphanages. She, her husband, and their 10 children recently lost their home in the 2009 Atlanta floods, which were declared a presidential disaster.
Her experience suggests that God’s goodness is bigger than all the storms of life.
Brian Hillis: Lessons for Fathers from Exodus 
Brian is a father of 11 kids, 8 adopted from Russia at older ages.  By training he is both an educator and a CPA.  During the first 15 years of marriage, he worked outside the home as a missionary in Latin America, an educator, and a CPA.  During the next 20 years, his work was primarily in the home, serving God by loving his wife and all those children.

Beth Templeton: Hope at Home with Teens 
and Real Moms Connecting with a Real and Present God
Stephen and Beth Templeton
Beth has been married to her husband, Stephen, for 26 years. They have seven children, aging from 17 to 23. Several years after giving birth to three girls, God called their family into the adventure and blessing of adoption. In 2000, they brought home a brother and sister from Russia, ages 5 and 10. Then they returned to the same orphanage 18 months later and brought home two more brothers, ages 7 and 10. Currently, three of their children are in college and four are in high school.
Stephen and Beth serve as leaders in their local church. Beth leads a ministry to mothers; and both have a passion for communicating the joy, peace, and victory available to us as parents.
Stephen Templeton: Hope at Home with Teens
 and Fathering with Authority and Grace 
Stephen is the father of seven children, ages 17 to 23. Eleven years ago, after having had three biological children, the Lord called him and his wife Beth to adopt four children from Russia. He is an elder and worship leader at Northlands church. He is also a physician and practices dermatopathology in Atlanta.
Dionne van Zyl: Fathering with Authority and Grace
Dionne and Bridget van Zyl
Dionne is an ordained minister, elder at Northlands church and father of four children (ages 13 to 23), all of whom are serving the Lord. He has a deep interest and expertise in business and financial markets and is president of a private equity fund, Doron Capital.

Greg Haswell: Discovering the Unique Treasure in Your Child and  Speaking LIFE into our Children
Greg and Michelle Haswell
Greg has been in ministry alongside his wife Michelle for 25 years. Twelve years ago God called them from South Africa to start a church in Atlanta. He is a Bible teacher and church planter who builds into churches and church leaderships around the world. Greg and Michelle currently live in Atlanta, GA where Greg is the pastor of Northlands Church.

Michelle Haswell: Discovering the Unique Treasure in Your Child 
and Real Moms Connecting with a Real and Present God
Michelle has been married to Greg for 25 years. They have one married daughter, Nicole. Michelle has spent a number of years in education as an elementary school teacher and as head of faculty. She enjoys ministry to women, prophetic ministry, and seeing lives restored to wholeness. Michelle travels with her husband Greg, ministering with him in churches around the world. 

Renee L. Johnson: Thriving as a Single Mother 
and Connecting with Your Child; Helping Your Child Connect with You 
Renee Johnson
Renee and her three Russian daughters have been blessed to become a family through adoption. First in 1999, again in 2001, and for a final time in 2003, the Lord added a daughter to her family. Today two of the girls are seniors in high school and one is a sophomore in college. The parenting journey has caused her to grow, stretch and reach into the many arenas that come with the challenges set before her. In addition to being a mom, Renee holds degrees in Physical Therapy and Public Health.  She balances her home life with her responsibilities as a Senior Scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Michele Borsic: Real Moms Connecting with a Real and Present God

Michele Borsic was raised in a family that chose to be a loving foster home to many children for 10 years. She gained 4  brothers through that time, 3 through domestic adoption and 1 through international adoption. Tom, her husband of 22 years, is also adopted. Their home is filled with 5 wonderful children, ages 4 to 20.  Michele manages her home full time while homeschooling and assisting Tom in ministry.  Her experiences in local church ministry include directing youth, marriage, children, and womens' ministry. Tom and Michele have planted and led two churches and Tom is currently on staff full time as a pastor at Northlands Church.  Michele has a passion to help, encourage, support, and build others up!
Jenni Means: Helping Your Child Hear and Experience God
(and both marriage breakouts)
Scott and Jenni Means
Jenni has been leading in children's ministry for over 25 years and is currently on staff at Northlands Church. With a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and many years of teaching in both public and private Christian schools, Jenni is highly qualified to speak to parents. She has come alongside many adopted children and their families as through her ministry. Jenni has partnered with No More Crumbs Ministries in training children, youth and adults in Georgia, Holland, Ukraine, UK and Malaysia. She has been married to Scott for 30 years; they have three daughters.
Scott Means: A Marriage Made in Heaven: Pursuing a Kingdom Culture at Home and Adoption Through the Eyes of Marriage  
Scott runs a popular marriage blog called Journey to Surrender. He is passionate about renewing and strengthening marriages in the church through the exploration of biblical marriage principles.  He sums up his blog with the phrase: "Marriage was God's idea, so let's do it His way!" Scott is also one of the worship leaders at Northlands Church in Atlanta. He and his wife, Jenni, have been married for 29 years and have three wonderful daughters. Their ministry to adoptive families has touched many lives for eternity. They are ones God has called to come alongside, and they have done that well, and have learned much about the needs that arise from loving adopted children.
Brad and Kate Aldrich:  Adoption Through the Eyes of Marriage 
and A Marriage Made in Heaven: Pursuing a Kingdom Culture at Home 
and The Joys of Godly Diversity - Reflections from a Transracial Family
Brad and Kate Aldrich
Brad and Kate write and speak on all things marriage. In 2009 they followed God’s prompting and founded One Flesh Marriage Ministries, a blog based on their marriage journey and God’s word in Ephesians 5. Brad is a Pennsylvania Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the director of the Family Resource and Counseling Centers. Kate is a homeschooling mom and a family photographer in her free time. God has given Brad and Kate three amazing blessings, two biological and one adopted who have enriched their life and marriage. They live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where the Amish buggies roam.  You can find their blog at
Bill and Gisele Brown: God’s Special Heart for Special Needs  
Bill and Gisele Brown
Bill and Gisele have been married for 29 years.  They grew up living in many different states and countries finally meeting in NJ as adults.  For the last 21 years they have called Charlotte, NC their home. Bill has led an active role in prayer ministry and Gisele in music ministry in a local church for over 25 years. They are the proud parents of 3 children, their daughter Mirielle having joined their family through adoption.  Their two boys, 26 and 24 are serving the Lord with their wives, one in FL and the other NC.  Mirielle was adopted as an infant from Russia and is now almost 15.  Bill and Gisele worked for Bethany Christian Services as foster parents for infants, which led them on their journey to adopt from Russia. This in turn brought them into the world of special needs.  Doctors and therapists have become dear friends over the years! Through their journey with special needs they have learned that God is always faithful, He always provides and He is always good! 
Adam L. Braund: Education, Learning, and Your Child’s Identit
and Hope at Home with Teens 
Adam Braund
Adam is a licensed therapist and counselor/consultant committed to helping children, teens, couples, and individuals with their different counseling needs. Focusing on how to turn learning "deficits" into learning "discoveries" became an ongoing pursuit for Adam in his teen years that has continued into adulthood. It is partly because he understands the unique challenge of facing learning "differences" that he now offers a creative approach for helping others with struggles. Prior to joining the clinical team of Life Gate Center in Atlanta, he worked with Transitional Family Services as a counselor to children, teens, and parents in crisis for 2 years. At TFS he developed a sharp instinct for crisis management as he worked to intervene with families entrenched in issues such as addiction, abuse, physical and emotional sickness, and foster care as well as adoption issues.Hope at Home 2012 Video

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