What We Believe

We believe that our loving, compassionate, merciful God who has adopted us (Rom 8:15, Gal 4:5, Eph 1:5) calls some to adopt orphans of all ages who are in need of families. This is a calling and desire that the Lord puts in some people’s hearts, and it is very pleasing to Him. God’s heart is always for restoration and healing of what has been broken in our adopted children’s lives as a result of the enemy’s devices or the distorted and broken will of fallen man. While our enemy, Satan, comes to steal, kill and destroy, our almighty and victorious God comes to give us abundant life. We do not assign any past evil happenings or circumstances to God, but we do trust in Him to turn what the enemy meant to destroy our children into that which will give them life. Our God is a victorious and compassionate Redeemer who is in the business of restoration for us and our families. We  believe that God is eager to act on our behalf, for His glory. We are eager to trust Him and to pray faith-filled prayers for our children and yours during our conferences and meetings.

As a ministry of Northlands Church, Hope at Home operates under the authority and covering of the Northlands elders. To find out more about the foundational beliefs of Northlands Church and Hope at Home click on this link: http://northlandschurch.com/who-we-are/what-we-believe

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