Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We thought we'd take a little break from Stephen's series on anger-- everyone needs a break from anger, right?! Don't be angry though! There's still one more post coming! Enjoy this wonderful story.....


It couldn't have been planned to work out better!  One week ago, we drove 4 hours out of town, Cristi goes into labor 4 hours after we arrive, and their beautiful little girl is born 4 hours after that!  It is a HUGELY exciting privelege to see that one of the fruits of our parenting is that we are building foundations for generations to come!  (I already have 2 granddaughters, a 3rd on the way, and with 10 kids, I am counting on at least 30 grandkids, as I am sure some of them will adopt!)
Before Elyse was ever born, Cristi and Andrew had received understanding about who she is and about God's purposes for her you read this excerpt from their happy birth announcement, see if you can figure it out!

 It is with great joy that we announce the arrival of our daughter Elyse Gabrielle Slate (formally known as Skittle :).  Elyse arrived at 3:28 AM on April 7, 2012.  She weighs 5 pounds, 10 ounces and is 19 inches long.  Mother and baby are both doing well.
 About her name...
One of the meanings of the name Elyse is "my God is bountiful."  It is our heart that our daughter would truly know the bounty of God in all areas-- His bountiful love, mercy, provision, faithfulness, etc!  Her middle name (Gabrielle) is the female form of the name Gabriel.  In the Bible, the angel Gabriel was the messenger who told Mary and Joseph about Jesus.  Andrew felt like God showed him that Gabrielle was the middle name for this baby.  It is our desire that Elyse Gabrielle would experience the bounty of God in her own life, and then be a messenger of the good news of Jesus for others.
We appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we adjust to this new season of parenthood!
Andrew and Cristi Slate

So, what's your name?

As I read Elyse's birth announcement, I felt such gratitude that the Lord had shown Cristi her Identity -- Elyse;  and Andrew her Destiny -- Gabrielle. 

From even before each of us is born, the Lord has His hand upon us, creating us in His image, for His purposes.  He has an identity and destiny picked out for each of us and for each of our children before we are ever even born!
Let me close with a personal story.  About 4 years ago at a 24 hour prayer meeting, one of the leaders from our church encouraged each of us to spend some time alone in prayer and simply ask the Lord to show us our name..."Lord, what is the Name You think of, when You think of me?"  I did, not expecting the answer to be so evident and prompt.  Within a short time was imprinted clearly in my mind this phrase, 'mother of nations; I see you as a mother of nations.'  I felt so very priveleged to realize part of these adoption purposes in my life is so very intertwined with who I am, with my name, with God's purposes for my life. 
Have you ever asked or thought about this question?  If not, I encourage you to.  The Lord's purposes in making you and me and each of our children is good. 

We ask, Lord, that you give us eyes to see and affirm who our children are, and to encourage them in Your good purposes for their lives. 


  1. so beautiful!!!!
    so excited for each of you!!!

  2. Very excited for your family, Susan! And, a beautiful name she has. Trusting that she will grow by grace to learn what that means and believe in the One who has given her her identity and holds her purpose!

  3. Kelly, I just love your comment! Thanks a million for the encouragement! Much love!!! - Susan