Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Susan Hillis: "FAITHFUL IN LITTLE"

"One who is faithful in little is also faithful in much." Luke 16:10

"In everything... let your requests be made known to God." Phil 4:6

It was 14 years ago when we adopted our first two beautiful Russian children, Alex and Anya, then 7 and 8. Back then when asked, 'how many children do you want to have?' I always jokingly replied '12 disciples.' Well, I came close, as Brian and I were eventually entrusted with 'the Eleven.'
Little by little over these posts the story will emerge, but for now let me pass along a beautiful encouragement....the Lord has been so minutely and infinitely faithful in caring for 'the Eleven,' and He has freed me by revealing that my job is to be a vessel of His love and to pray. I have journaled over the years; here is a recent excerpt...

We so want to be those who carry Your Name, Lord Jesus, on our lips. More than any other names. More than Chick Filet or MacDonalds or church or American Idol or Gucci or Bill Hybles or Beth Moore or Carrie Underwood or Chris Tomlin or Japan or Libya or Egypt or our husbands or our children or our fears or our grief or our brokenness or our plans. To carry Your Name I must experience Your help in those daily little things that seem impossible. Like some days, even, getting out of bed or having any joy. "You have not because you ask not." James 4:2. Thank you for the little lessons this week in asking for little things and seeing Your great faithfulness in the little. Like the signature I had needed for 2 months and only asked You for 2 days ago; you provided it. Or the insurance long sought and only asked for 3 days ago; You provided it. Like the softening of my daughter's heart towards me and You needed for months, which began to surface 2 days ago. Teach me once again to be faithful in asking your help for the little and to stand in awe of Your great faithfulness in supplying. "In the abundance of Your steadfast love, answer Me in Your saving faithfulness (Ps 69:13)."


  1. Susan thank you for this. I am reminded simply to ask Him. I love your list of the answers He has given you recently. If He knows the numbers of hairs on my head, surely He is involved in all of the details. Not just involved, interested and caring!

  2. Definitely needed to be reminded of this, continously. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you for this reminder to make carrying His name the desire of my heart. I think I carry so many names above His.

    Thanks for blogging ladies! You blessed my socks off at Created for Care.

  4. Hello, I come to you with another heartfelt prayer request on behalf of my friends:http://www.drawnfromwater.org/blog
    They run an orphanage in Ethiopia, and things have been getting tough, considering all the commotion there lately (regarding the orphans).
    Please say a prayer or two on their behalf. Thank you. Love =)

  5. Just what I needed to read today :). He likes to be asked- amen? His name is above all other names!!

  6. Thank you Catalina for letting us know. I have prayed this morning for supernatural favor for these dear servants and friends of God. God's favor bypasses and supersedes governments and powers. Lord, may these people receive all that they need and may they be protected from harm.

    I looked at your blog just now. I'll go back and spend more time later, but your post about the stocking dolls made me smile. Yours turned out quite charming in a slightly scary way!