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If you've been following us on Facebook (if you aren't then don't be left out! Click HERE and Like us for ongoing updates and encouragement) then you may have read that we are planning something really exciting and, as far as we know, quite unique for your children. 


Hope at Home Kids (H@HKids) is an idea God gave us some months ago as we were meeting to talk and pray about how we can best bring the strengths and gifts God has given us to this community of adoptive and foster parents, people who we truly love in the Lord. We began to imagine what a gift it would be to parents to have someone minister the Love of God and Identity in Christ to their children. Being adopted or fostered, or being a biological child whose world has radically expanded and changed through adoption or fostering, is a unique reality-- and we are so excited to have the opportunity to walk alongside, to rejoice with and to love on these children, our children.

Parenting is a Team Sport!

We love to say at our church (Northlands Church in Atlanta, GA), that parenting is a team sport. I don't know about you, but the Hillis' and the Templetons have leaned heavily on others to walk with us through the joys and struggles of hearing the call to adopt, waiting for our children to come home, making those huge and significant adjustments for our families as a whole and for each individual in the family once they come home, facing some of the deep issues that so often come with children from a hard past...... You could add to this list I bet!
 Hope at Home would love nothing better than to be part of your team as you go through the wonderful process of transforming an orphan into a Son or Daughter.

"Date With God" for Your Children!!

Those of you moms who have been to Created for Care know what this amazing time is that we call a "Date With God" is. What you may not know is that Jenni Means regularly sets up this time of encounter with the children in our children's church. I've asked Jenni to share more with you: 
"Your children will have the opportunity to have a special "Date Night" with their Heavenly Father.  Similar to the idea of dates with Mom or Dad, the purpose of the Date with God is to give children of all ages a chance to focus on their Heavenly Father and experience His love for them.  The children will encounter God as they move through various stations set up around the room.  Painting, sculpting, spending quiet time, looking in the Bible, drawing in a group collage are just some of the stations where they will can express their conversations with the Lord.  Everywhere we have held these interactive times, children experienced a fresh revelation of God's love for them personally."
Doesn't that sound like something you would want for your children?

Hearing Older Adopted Kids' Testimonies

A significant part of our H@HKids team are some pretty neat folks-- older adopted kids and their siblings. These are young adults (mostly college age) who know what it's like to be adopted or to receive a new sibling into their family and into their world. All have a testimony to share of God's work in their lives and all are really really excited to be able to spend time with your children. Your children will hear some of these testimonies and will get to spend some time having fun and connecting with them. We also have a pastor and father who was adopted who is going to be telling part of his story, an adoptive grandmother, and adoptive parents on the team. And our worship team for H@HKids is led by a bio daughter from an adoptive family-- my daughter, Emma.
How cool is that?!

Check out the Adopted Children and Biological Children Perspective sections on our blog to read about some of the awesome young people who will be serving your children.

So, if you can make to Atlanta on August 4th, plan to have a Date with your Spouse while your children have a Date with God! Check In begins at 6:00 pm and the program runs from 6:30-9:30 pm. Cost is $5/child with a $20/family maximum (pay when you check in). 

It is going to be a Fun Night!

We have limited space. To register your child(ren) go to
Registration is required. 

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