Thursday, March 14, 2013


From Susan Hillis:
It was early Friday morning when I felt directed to diverge from my typical reading for the day (usually I follow a plan that takes me through the Bible in a year). But that day I felt the need to study the word pillars. My mind went back to John Eldredge's book, Walking with Godone of my favorites, and his stories of asking, "God, show me if there is something special you have for me to read today." 
Do it! I dare you! :). For me, that day, it was pillars.
Connect The Pillars
Now, for me, pillars are leaders placed by God to accomplish His express purposes for a defined group of people. These pillars may, for example, pillars in a family, or in the global call to care for vulnerable children. I have known for years that one of God's calls on my life is to "connect the pillars."  In fact, one of our kids drew a picture of it years ago. I had initially assumed the "connect the pillars" call was primarily focused on me helping to connect those moms and dads and other leaders called to love orphans to each other. 
Then it became clear, the principal connections are NOT horizontal, but vertical.  Each of us pillars seeking to strengthen each other in God, to fortify, as it were, each other's connections to our heavenly be connected upwards more than sideways. 
Pillars-- Upheld, Ablaze, Reflecting
As I searched the word pillars in my droid app, these verses jumped out with fresh life:
1. Ps 75:3 ...when the earth totters and all its inhabitants, it is I who holds up its pillars.

This means for me, as a mom and wife at home, and in my service at work and church, I do not hold myself up--God holds me and you up! This frees us from disappointment when others do not support or appreciate us in the way we expect, in my family or church or job or friendships. I am NOT looking to them to hold me up.  I AM looking to the Lord to hold me up.                                                                        WE BEHELD THAT WE COULD BE HELD
2. Exo 13:21...and the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they may travel by day and by night....the pillar of cloud and fire did not depart from the people.
The majority of verses about pillars refer to this clear manifestation of the visible presence and leading of God.  And this truth was impressed on me as I listened before God:

In other words, to be the structure of strength and security and stability in our home and God's world, God's pillars must be intent on living in His presence and direction....on following His modern day pillars. We are embraced and enveloped in His love and we pass it along, like that river of living water flowing from our innermost beings.
3.  Rev 3:12...and the one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of our God...and I shall write on him the Name of my God. 
What Name is this? Emmanuel, God with us, and Jesus the great forgiver. May this Name be written on me so that my children and others sense that I am with and for them, and that I accept them fully, unconditionally, with full forgiveness, calling forth by my words, the treasure in them, speaking to them words of life and hope and love.
Lord, ever make us Your pillars! 
Pillars upheld
Pillars ablaze from following the pillar of fire so closely
Pillars reflecting the essence of the One who adores us all.

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