Thursday, June 27, 2013


From Beth:
Some of my favorite photos in my facebook feed are the WELCOME HOME adoption pictures. And the videos-- oh my goodness! Those are so moving and truly beautiful. 

They speak to me of Love, Family, Safety, Adoption, Community, Support, Help, Abundant Life, Joy, and Hope. 

I remember coming home both times from Russia with our children and the experience of being embraced by love. There was such Celebration and Joy, full of kingdom purpose and life. And it was always with such a sense of privilege that we would load up our family to trek down to the the Atlanta airport to greet the new sons and daughters God was bringing home over the years. 

I love the phrase in Romans 6 declaring that you and I are "called of Jesus Christ and invited as you are to belong to Him." This idea of invitation to belong is what Susan and I are hearing as we prepare for Hope at Home 2013. We hear God's voice in our spirits saying to us, WELCOME HOME! Just as we welcomed our children into the loving embrace of our homes and hearts, so our Father God is doing with each one of us mothers and fathers. At any moment in my day, if I attune my spirit, I can hear my Father saying, 
Welcome home Beth. Come on into my embrace. Come away from the striving and 'survival mode' of parenting on your own and come into my heart of love for you. Come into the safety, warmth, provision and rest that is my Heart, that is HOME. 
It's this constant invitation to belong to Him, not because we are away from Him necessarily, although sometimes we may wander and forget Him, but rather it is a heart cry of accepting, hope-filled love, a love that we echo when we adopt our children. For really, our adoptions and fostering are simply an outworking of this call to come home, aren't they? Come home to the embrace of love and acceptance and safety. As believers we are embraced by the strength that comes from provision and sustenance that is home, encircled by the very rest and peace that each one of us desires to provide for our families. 

We parents are children of our Father, and He is calling out to you and me, 
Welcome Home into my embrace today my son, my daughter. 
It's as if there is a constant airport welcome home party waiting for us every day. A constant celebration of hope for us parents, just as there was at our children's home-comings.

Our Hope at Home Team is busy in preparation for our September 27-28 conference here in Atlanta. And we hear our Father God calling out to us all, Welcome Home! Come on and join us as we enjoy rest, provision, comfort, support, community, joy and hope at HOPE AT HOME 2013. 

Registration is open and we are waiting with open arms! We have some amazing speakers lined up!

For I am yearning to see you, that I may impart and share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen and establish you; That is, that we may be mutually strengthened and encouraged and comforted by each other’s faith, both yours and mine. (Romans 1:12)

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