Monday, October 13, 2014


From Beth: 

I remember those days that some of you are living in right now. Those days when if I could just have a moment to myself (even if it only meant privacy in the bathroom!) it felt like I might survive the day. This photo I saw in my Facebook feed recently is too true!
With 7 children, I have to admit that sometimes I felt hunted....

Mommy, I'm hungry.
Mommy, can I watch a movie?
Mommy, he cheated.
Mommy, look at me, look at me, watch what I can do!!
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.......

Of course, some of these words came out in Russian, some in screams, some in excitement, some in joy-- that is the mommy life, and I loved it. 

But you do sometimes get weary of being pursued, of being followed. 

And in the thick middle of all these demands I am pursued by Another. 
Surely or only goodness, mercy, and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life... (Psalm 23:6 AMP)
Chased down by the One who is Goodness, Mercy and Unfailing Love.

Did you know that the word for follow means to pursue, to chase. How cool is that?! In other verses it is translated to hunt down. God is chasing us down friends. Not to accuse us or to expose or chastise. Not to demand things of us. 
He is chasing us down with His love. 

We are the hunted ones. 


And looking back I see it is true--in seasons of ease and joy, and in seasons of pain and grief--I am one who is pursued. 

Never left alone. 

Never, not one moment of one day, have I been left to myself.  

Oh thank you Lord God. 

Thank You. 

Holy Spirit, would You help me live as one who is hunted? Show me the goodness, mercy and unfailing love that pursues me this day. Help me to show my children that they too are hunted ones. Thank You Father that You will never leave me alone, that not a day of my life will I live apart from The Hunt! 

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