Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Identity and Destiny

I just love this last post you will read from Pastor Misha and Galya's adoptive daughter Nadya. I love the vulnerable honesty of Nadya's story as she recounts in her own words how she watched cars drive by her orphanage and wondered if one day such a car would bring a mama just for her. But what is more touching is what is behind the brief comments of that very mama, Galya, who the Lord would send to that orphanage just for her. I invite you to notice that Galya from the beginning began to understand her unique identify in Christ ("inquisitiveness and expressive eyes"), and as a student of her sweet daughter, Galya has come to grasp and to speak words of life into Nadya's destiny: "her strong desire won over and transformed her...Nadya accomplishes everything that she wants to." I just have to tell the non-Russian speakers who are reading this that 'Nadya' means 'Hope.'


Nadya Remembers 
In the orphanage I used to think...

To me family means: when loving people did everything for me and my brother Igor. In our family I know that Papa and Mama care about everyone and that I won't go hungry. They buy me everything that I need. I used to think that their own children would be jealous of me and not want to take me in. But the family that took me is the best. At the orphanage everyone thinks that children love their own parents so much that they don't want to share them with anyone. When I visited the family, I thought: I really want to stay here. And that's what happened. Thanks to God! Mama and Papa bring me joy and love in my heart. I am proud of my family and will stay proud. At the orphanage we had a long hallway, and I would often sit there and look out the window, watching every car and thinking that it was Mama coming for me, and crying. At the orphanage there are no mothers or fathers, only workers. But in a family everyone needs us, and we need them. Here everything has great meaning for me. At the orphanage I couldn't find love, but in my family I always see love and goodness. At the orphanage, each of the children are looking for a mother and father and waiting, and they don't understand what a family is. I really love my family: Mama Galya, Papa Misha, Dima, Luda, Igor, Polina, Dannik, and Cornelia.

The whole Kozitsky family

Mama Galya Remembers...
Today she is successful...

When we brought Nadya from the orphanage, she seemed to be different from all the other children in her inquisitiveness and her expressive eyes, which clearly showed her search for something stable. It was difficult for Nadya to express her thoughts, as she had a small vocabulary, but her strong desire to know more won out over everything and transformed her thinking and view on life. Today Nadya is able to state her thoughts, she is very goal-oriented, she takes everything on with diligence, and she sees things through to the end. She is very gifted. She is successful in both the general and the music school. Nadya plays the xylophone beautifully, she loves to perform on stage, and she loves the English language. Nadya has a strong memory and accomplishes everything that she wants to.

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