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Susan Hills shares....
All of our 10 kids, as well as many of our dear friends who have adopted, feel that they have two pastors...their American pastor here at home, and their Russian pastor Misha from St. Petersburg, Russia, along with his dear wife Galya.  A number of you probably read our earller post about one of Misha and Galya's precious adopted children, Igor.  For nearly a decade, about once a year either some of us from Atlanta go there to Russia, or Misha and Galya come here to visit.  What is it that has created such deeply interwoven bonds?  It is this Spirit of adoption, that the Lord seems to be pouring out all over the world.  It is so exciting to learn that it seems to look similar wherever we turn.  Here is a peek inside their story in Russia, from the perspectives of Galya the mom, and one of their other daughters, Irochka. 
Our dear friends, Pastor Misha and his
wife, Galya.

A great deal of grief burdened his soul
Mama Galya remembers... 
When we took Igor in, he was 10 years old. There was a lot to learn. Igor's character was good, tender-hearted, and compassionate. He drew very well and could make original constructions with building sets. Today he plays guitar, studies at a music school, and performs on the guitar in concerts and competitions. He sings beautifully in the church choir. He arrived from the orphanage very reserved and antisocial. A great deal of grief burdened his soul. But today you can't see that: he is cheerful, loving, and thoughtful, and he looks like his adoptive father. His good friends adore him. And he is the very best friend and brother to his younger brother Dannik. 

They dream about love and a family
Irochka remembers...
Some people think that if they take a child from an orphange, their own children will stop loving them because they will be jealous of the adopted child. I don't think so! Even though I live in a big family, Mama and Papa give each one of us special attention. Every day my parents give me, my brothers, and my sisters their sincere, pure love. Love that every child dreams about - all the children who are now in the orphanages dream about love and a family that will help them in difficult times, give them warmth, and comfort them. With one word a child can be given great happiness. I remember how my family went to the orphanage for the first time and saw the scene there. I looked at the children and saw their eyes and faces. They were totally empty, and that emptiness could only be filled by love and a family. They all wanted to be in a family, and I was so sorry for them! When we went home, we all talked about our impressions of the orphanage. We all began to tell our parents who we liked, and one day our mom and dad asked us if we wanted to bring a child from the orphanage into our family. We all immediately agreed with our parents, though they asked us several times. Now I just can't imagine our family without our adoptive brother and sister. I really want to envision Russia without orphanages.

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