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We are excited to share a poem with you performed as a Spoken Word at Hope at Home 2012. We commissioned our friend, talented artist James Dial, to write this poem for adoptive and foster parents in his signature rap style. There are rich layers of truth, encouragement and love from the Father's heart in this work. Take the time to click on the link and listen. You'll be glad to have the words to go back to and read I think-- soak it in!

To Listen to Naked Hope click on the title below and then on the play arrow. (There is a short introduction at the beginning of the recording):


Naked hope is when your soul is wrapped in a sense of vertigo
When all you do is cope with the day and try to take it slow
But oh
How focused we can get on things that just don't matter
Frustrated that God's timing in His Goodness only makes us madder
We chase after happy ever after with our children or our spouses
And all that wishful thinking does is wrap us in present disaster
But what if all that what if could
Be suddenly upturned for good?
Become understood as faith instead of just changing the way we taste our food?
Believing what we can not see, and knowing that's it's for our best
Rejoicing in the midst of trials, declaring: all we are is blessed.
Grace rages at injustice done against us, don't you worry.
But all circumstance is temporary, 
fake in its tension with the truth, 
and faced with the facts of what happened at the cross at Calvary
We can say: it's finished. Surely.
Furthermore, with petitions placed so boldly before His throne of grace
We can know that He has heard us and not expect a snake on our plate.
We expect the wine and steak. 
We expect a change in pace. 
We expect a ten course meal, 
with more to bless us than we can take

The way it works with God is this:
You say when, and He'll just bless.
So why say when out of fear of failure, fear of lack, or fear from stress?
Why not live as if we're children, adopted by His Holiness
And test the limits of His love, by never uttering the "when's"?

Hope deferred can make us sick
But hope endured can teach us faith, and all that claims "can not be done"
Is put to death, and His life lives.
And it's this, that heals us when we're sick.
It's this that uplifts, and brings true repentance.
Don't give up because his love is a banner
Over us His love it does
Proclaim: Beloved
Heaven's jamming
Because there is a wedding coming
Because another becomes a brother about every 30 seconds.
Our family is getting bigger, aw man, sucks for the wedding planner.
The head of the house this time has paid 
for you and yours to have a way
straight into glory, 
no delays, 
so why the wait? 
Let's take 
the plane
named Grace 
and jet to heavens gates 
and take what's ours 
and then be thankful.
Got no gas? He's got a tankful.
Got no answers? Go for broke. He gives generously to those in need.
Need hope for home? Or work? Or maybe just because you want it?
Maybe for you and you alone, to know that you're not being punished?
Well, he was made the Head over all things so you could have all things.
All things for life and godliness, it says
I do believe.
So why not be as bold as possible, say: I want all of the things.
More faith, more hope, more love, more mercy, more grace, more displays of generosity.
More patience, peace, joy, wisdom, strength, fearlessness, I could just get lost in these.
Often I do, then start to sing, like: He has set me free...
So off of key, but I don't care.
the father to the fatherless, a merciful king to those in need.
A God above all else existing, adopting, loving: properly.
I have a loving father who,
Takes care of me and surely of you.
And yours.
And more.
Of course it's easy to forget, but hasn't he blessed us all before?
Haven't we got so much to praise, to lift him up, exalt his name for?
Not what we want to hear sometimes, and not to be naive.
God is good, it's in his hands.
Cliche's we hate to hear repeated
Are still so true, though sometimes painful, with this feeling that I've been defeated.
Beaten raw, so bloody beaten
I empathize with Job sometimes instead of Adam back in Eden.

So those cliches, I'll leave them. 
I will not repeat them.
Instead, I'll just believe them,
I'll remind you we're redeemed 
I'll remind you he's coming back for us,
and I'll remind you people still need healing.
So what are we to do, just give up when we can't see him?
Naked hope, though unappealing, takes a measure of pressing in.
It takes standing tough, sometimes even when
things are so rough
we can't see through tomorrow to where it all might end.
It means to believe though we can't see it
that his plans indeed are good, that no weapon prospers though we feel them hit,
to not let fear creep in.
And yes it's hard, I will not lie.
But He bled and He died, 
He was crucified, 
He was lied to, spat on, beaten, cussed at,
I'm sure the blood must have stung his eyes./
So yes it's hard
but He's not Buddha, sitting, watching, unaware./
Fat and happy with that blank stare, oblivious to all our cares/

He knows/
and that's part of a bare hope./
Knowing that you are exposed./

But grace covers all shame, and love covers all things.
So, I believe in naked hope.
Despite how uncomfortable it may be, how easy to say, I'll go it alone.
How easy to deny we have a weakness, or that we simply need Him more and more.

For passions aching
For indigence sake
For promise taking
For dreams while awake
For disbelief at accusation
Parsed with hate for punches thrown
For naked hope that day is breaking
Peace propagating moments owned
Will you follow him?

Thank you Father, for these people
Who choose to see orphans as equals
Needing homes and parents, like you saw us so weak and feeble.
Bless us all to hope in you, and bless them with what they might need
For you have called them to be great, and to see great things.
Bless the orphans here and elsewhere,
Help them to see what you see.
Give them food and clothing,
Give them room to breathe.
Give us all that life requires, for hope can be quite fleeting.
But still we hope. For seasons change. For a brand new day. For circumstance to fade away
For you are great, and you are able. You, The Father of All Things.
But one last thing. From me to you:
You can do this. It is true.
He is with us. We can't lose.
He is faithful to those he chooses.
And He chose you, He'll see you through.
God, Glorious and Gracious, is worth entrusting trust to.
Believe in what He calls You. He won't throw you under the bus.
It isn't tough love, We weren't destined to suffer
It isn't your fault, you aren't being punished.
it's just a matter of time, and that is why our hope
Is eternal salvation at the hand of our Lord
Jesus, the Christ and the living Word.
His name will break chains, and His name sets us free
For His name, every ounce of energy
Every drink that you give to a "one such as these"
Is His to receive
To His name be all glory
In His name we believe
Keep your eyes to the hills
And don't be deceived.
When He returns,
There will not be a single living being
That can say that they don't have a family.

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