Thursday, August 8, 2013


From Susan:

What would you do if you wanted to learn to fly a plane? Read an instruction manual? Then go do it?  Reading that manual would be GREAT, but I wager that every one of us would:
  1. Search for an REAL PILOT with a solid safety record--that is, someone whose choices about how she or he flies do not CRASH the plane.
  2. Spend time listening to and learning from this experienced pilot's experience in order to get REAL HELP that you can use when you are the one in charge of flying that plane.
  3. Accompany this pilot in the cockpit, actually learning from his demonstration of how he or she flies, hearing as he works all those buttons and controls and throttles, what to do, when to do it, what to avoid, and how to respond in an unexpected crisis, so that you have REAL HOPE of succeeding on your own. 

Parenting Children

Well, I have found that learning to parent children is a lot like learning to fly a plane! 
  1. I need to search out REAL FAMILIES....not just real in terms of being alive, with their skin on, but real in terms of authentic. 
  2. I need to spend time listening to and learning from the parents and children in these families in order to get REAL HELP for my own family.
  3. I need to spend time accompanying these families as they are seeking and receiving REAL HOPE, so that I experience how that is done!

Well, for anyone wanting to grow as a parent, we would encourage you to join us for the HOPE AT HOME 2013 conference at our church, the week end of Sept 27-28. 
  1. We believe you will find REAL FAMILIES, others who are authentic about the joys and challenges of parenting, particularly of parenting children who have suffered. 
  2. You will find REAL HELP, as you spend time listening to and learning from the testimonies and teaching about key principles that help you parent your children well.
  3. You will find REAL HOPE that you can do it!  as we together seek to spend time "in the plane" with the Lord and learn from The Best Father in the World about His parenting advice for us.   

Becoming A Radiant Parent

I absolutely love that verse from Psalm 34, "they looked to Him and were radiant."  I have from time to time prayed,
Lord, would you make me the kind of person who is like that? The kind whose relationship with you SHOWS, on my FACE~!!!  Like Moses, after He had spent time with you and came down from that mountain. His face SHONE from having been in Your presence! I just want to be like that! RADIANT for You, Lord!!! I want others to look at me and see YOU!
Well, the amazing thing about the context of this Psalm is that this RADIANT LIFE comes in the context of a plate FULL of problems....four times we read the Lord:
delivered me from ALL my fears
saved him out of ALL his troubles
delivers them out of ALL their troubles
delivers [her] out of ALL afflictions
We believe that the time we spend together at Hope at Home 2013 will be used by God our Father to LIFT us above ALL fears, ALL troubles, and ALL afflictions because we will look to and hear from the One who makes Moses, and you, and me, and ours....radiant. Simply radiant. :)

God bless you, dear one, this day!
For more information and to register for Hope at Home 2013, click on the flashing button on the right margin! What a joy it will be to meet you in person!

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