Sunday, August 18, 2013


This post will be mostly photos, but oh how true it is that a picture is worth 1000 words. No matter who you are, these photos from H@HKids! will lift your spirits as you see with your own eyes the Spirit of Adoption (Romans 8:15) at work. Beautiful, Powerful, Awesome! Beloved Sons and Daughters!
Keep scrolling down to see them all--we don't want you to miss what Father God is saying through these images. Laura Means and Ruth Holleman captured some of the Father's Heart for His children. 

So, first off we got the children checked in:

Our team had lots of fun with the FAB Children (foster, adopted, and bio):

Worship was lead by Emma Templeton, a bio daughter with 4 adopted siblings:

Our team prepared a few skits for the children about their IDENTITY as Children of the One True God, interspersed with testimonies from young adults from adoptive families. 

Jenni Means shared The Truth About Lies with the kids. 

There was something powerful about seeing our team, some of whom are adoptees themselves, love on these children:

It was really moving to see each child take their "hello my name is" tag on which they'd written one lie that they have believed about themselves and put it on the cross, exchanging that lie for the truth God was showing them:

And our favorite part of all, the Date With God. To see a room full of children quietly listening to the Lord and interacting with Him in times of encounter--now that right there is the Spirit of Adoption at work! They prayed for the nations, read God's word, sat in His lap, painted what He said about them, shared their own and prayed for others' prayer requests, received a blessing and prayer as they had their hands washed.


  1. Amazing. Takes my breath away.

  2. Angie, it does the same to me. There is something so powerful about what God is doing that comes right through these photos. We are so excited! Blessings on you and your family!