Thursday, October 10, 2013


There is not much that makes our Hope at Home heart more happy than to be a part of Father God's sustaining and powerful love being poured out on His children. 

That same healing and rescuing love that you and I are so aware of for our children is the love that Father God has for each one of us mothers and fathers--His sons and daughters.

Enjoy these testimonies of our Faithful Father from Hope at Home 2013.

Thank you! It was truly such a blessed weekend. I know it was God's appointment for this time in our lives. Going into it, I knew it would be good, but I had no idea the depth of encouragement and blessing we would receive. May the Lord return to you in multitude of favor for all that you poured out. God bless you and all those who gave so much.

So very thankful to have been able to attend this powerful, life changing conference! We felt God's healing and hope filled presence from the moment we walked in the doors and we have returned home with our "buckets" FULL!  Thank you so much for giving of your time and gifts to pour into those that so needed a time set apart for encouragement and equipping!

I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you did in organizing the Hope at Home Conference.  It was amazing!   Even more than that, thank you so much for working it out so that we could get a partial scholarship.  That helped so much and we are deeply grateful.  We look forward to learning more from the ministry and Hope at Home. You all are doing wonderful things and we are so excited to know more about you vision/mission.  Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your help!  You and Hope at Home are a Godsend!

Just wanted to thank you and the Hope at Home team for a wonderful conference. We sincerely appreciated all of the invaluable teaching and fellowship. Everything was so special and I know it will make a difference in our home!

God brought us there.  If we hadn't heard Greg's talk Friday, I don't know how much more we could have taken in our current case.  We were completely fried.
God used you all to help us persevere a while longer.  We love our baby dearly and are praying for that audacious answer that she will be our forever daughter.

I’m really glad we got to come to the conference. It was awesome.  I felt so inspired and convicted about many things.  The set-up was great, with the “stations” out front.  All around, a fantastic job.Thank you for your amazing ministry to adopted children and their families. And we are all His adopted children. The conference was more than we could have ever hoped. It has helped to begin to reorient what has been tilted in our family's world. Love and Thanks and Blessings !

I have definitely been refreshed and recharged and encouraged. Best seminar for me yet! Thank you!

We were so touched this weekend by the power of the Holy Spirit and the loving hands and hearts of saints that gave of themselves to teach and encourage. What a wonderful weekend it was! It was MORE than worth the trip, MORE than worth the effort made to get there, MORE than we could have hoped to come away with. The treasures were laid out - and we received them. We are deeply humbled and grateful to participate. We came home refreshed and ready to keep making steps with a richer understanding that we have been raised and fed so that we may raise and feed. Praise the Lord for His goodness and kindness.

We were in a very dry place when we arrived. We are leaving filled up and very thankful.

This has been very encouraging. We are not alone!

We were here one year ago and the things we heard and learned last year stuck with us this entire year and the blessings it has shown our family are amazing. 

I came here with an empty, bone dry bucket and very little emotional strength. I am leaving here encouraged, refreshed and renewed.

The Lord encouraged me to allow him to parent me so I can better parent my children.

God reiterated so many things in my heart. I am beloved. I’m a child of God. As it pertains to ministry, He placed undeniable signs and connections in my path that confirmed I am moving in the right direction.

He told me he was proud of me an that he loved me. To sing boldly and dance. I really needed to hear those things and it truly ministered to my heart.

After journaling my  wife and I went to dinner and compared what we had written. Both of us had received a word speaking of our intrinsic value and beauty in the eyes of God Both of us receiving this and the way that we received intermeshed was very affirming. 


  1. Thanks so much for the testimonies to go along with Susan's summary. What refreshing reminders to go with the encouragement we received weekend before last. Encouraged, Emboldened...reminded that Courage and Boldness have come to reside in us, give us bold and courageous council, goes before us and makes intercession for us at every turn. Looking forward to the conference teachings being posted so that we can share the richness and wealth with all of those close to us.

  2. Kip, I love that truth-- courage and boldness residing in us. Awesome! There is more power for us in the finished work of the cross than we even come close to realizing!
    Yes, we are working on getting the recordings up. Unfortunately we didn't capture all of the breakouts, but we should have all of the main sessions.