Monday, October 21, 2013


At Hope at Home 2013 we invited parents to share one piece of parenting advice or insight that they have learned along the way--something to share with other parents looking for wisdom. I {Beth} know that I am always looking for input and help as a mother. So take a look below at some of the wonderful insight of parents like you and me.

Please leave a piece of your own parenting insight in the comments so we can all benefit from what Holy Spirit is teaching us. We so need to do this adoptive/foster parenting life together! There is such strength and blessing in our connection with each other.

"Keep no record of wrongs! Whatever is pure, lovely, & noble... think on these things. Focus on the good stuff!"

"Anger is rooted in fear, both for you and your child. If you respond to that fear with love, you will be amazed."

"In God I have authority as a parent. I also have great responsibility. But I do not have the control I think I have, or wish I had. I can and should exercise my authority; I can and should take on the responsibilities of parenting. But I can not, nor should I try to control my child and the outcome of his/her life. I can trust God. He is faithful to me and to my children."

"Have faith in just how BIG our God it!"

"Be patient and open and as loving as you can. This too shall pass."

"Use your "No's" sparingly so that when you say "No" it counts."

"Know that God gets the glory! When others say, 'What a wonderful thing you've done,' we respond with 'God did it all, not us.' When others attack our mistakes or our kids' stupid acts, know that we're God's children."

"When they open up about their feelings, they just need you to listen, not to try to give advice (unless they ask!)"

"Love covers a multitude of sin. We won't be perfect parents but loving our kids unconditionally is like the best medicine." 

"Be consistent. Communicate openly, honestly, and often. Love unconditionally even when it's not reciprocated. Never give up on them. You may be their only advocate."

"Remember in God's word He says, 'He is father to the fatherless.' Have faith."

"You will make mistakes. Offer them to God and He will make them right."

"Make good memories. Take lots of pictures. Be their #1 advocate."

"Allowing your child to 'do over' will help them learn how to react the next time. It doesn't mean they are 'getting away' with misbehavior. It's training them."

"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can." (John Wesley)

"Don't sweat the small stuff."

"Relationship trumps Rules every time."

"Be willing to enter into your child's world rather than wait for them to enter into yours."

"Play as much as you can. Find ways to just have fun, especially in the hard times when no one feels like playing." 

"Look for ways to create family identity and memories."

Now it's your turn. We'd love to hear your input!


  1. Your job is only to be faithful to the best of your ability. The outcome is up to God.

    Mary, momma to 10, including 4 from Ethiopia and 2 from Korea