Thursday, April 3, 2014


From Beth:

We have some friends who had been fostering their daughter for almost a year, and that does't even count the previous year of constant road blocks to bringing her into their home, nor the months before that of pursuing their desire to be parents.

Many of you know this reality all too well, right?

The weeks 
that turn into 

I've got that in capital letters, with a bold font and underlined, all in my effort to connect the word with the painful reality. 

So much WAITING!

But then the day came.


What a glorious day for them. They traveled to another state to stand before that judge who declared 

Adoption Granted

These are power words, aren't they?! 
Upped my font to the largest size for that one!

Months before this amazing moment, my friend felt the Lord speak to her about her daughter's adoption. Our Daddy God does that you know. He speaks to us about our children. He has so much to say about them. And this precious mama was listening in. 

He told her that when the adoption was official
 it would be as if 

a lightening bolt 

shattered the darkness,
crashing down in the spiritual realm. 

These power words, "Adoption Granted," would be the moment in time that would actually break off generational curses, beginning a new heritage for this 

 (who once was an orphan) 

And then--

{listen to this!!}

all of a sudden, on the long drive home,

and every day since,

this little girl began to talk....

and talk and talk and talk and talk...

She could talk before, but she didn't have much to say. 

Orphans don't have a voice. 


Daughters Do

Something happened in the spiritual realm that manifested in the natural realm for this treasured one. God gave this mommy and daddy a glimpse of the power of adoption that will be continually at work in their child's life. 

They say she talks so much now that every once in a while they kind of wish she would stop--

but not really. 

She is a true daughter, and she has things to say! 

She is free, as all true sons and daughters are meant to be. 

Father God, would you give voice to all of our children.  
May the revelation and reality of sonship continue to permeate to the very depths of their being. 

And we pray for every orphan we know too God. Reveal to each one that they have a Daddy who loves them, that they too have a voice. 

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