Monday, June 2, 2014


From Beth:

He couldn't have gotten away with this one with out being noticed. He was so caught in the act!

When you leave your fingerprints all over the scene, you have to expect someone is going to recognize you--and I did.

The whole thing smacked of his m.o.; that he had been there was clearly evident.
Oh yes, I was an eye witness. At first I don't think anyone else even saw what was happening. And to this day, very few people actually know what transpired before their very eyes. 

But these eyes couldn't hold back the tears. I saw Him so clearly. His fingerprints were everywhere. 

It wasn't just that our son was graduating from high school. 

It wasn't just that he is the last of our 7 children to move into the new adventure of adulthood.

It wasn't just that I watched a young man whose first 7 years of life were spent in the pain and lack of relinquishment and all the harsh realities that lead to it, and then survived Russian orphanage life to have his whole future changed by the radical abundant love of his Father God. 

Oh yes, that was amazing and deeply moving. I could have written this same post just on that alone. 

But what really got me was seeing another young person walk across that stage to receive her diploma too. Another treasure who lived in the same orphanage as our son. 

Who does such a thing? Who but our amazing God orchestrates such a beautiful story? How do two orphans with little hope and love in their lives end up walking boldly in such an impressive accomplishment and heading uprightly as a son and daughter into a future filled with promise and life and hope, both in this world and into eternity?

Yes, His fingerprints are all over this. Oh how I love Him for who He is and for what He does! 

And congratulations to Sergei and Veronika!

I just have to say it again, adoption is indeed a beautiful thing and I am deeply honored to be a part of such a story. 


  1. What a sweet and beautiful blessing! God is so very good!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jeanine. Yes He is so very good!!

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Beth, and for your family all being a part of God's plan to bring Veronika and Yegor into our lives.

  3. Rich, it was such a joy for us all to see Sergei and Veronika graduate! And a joy to write about!

  4. Miracles can be like snow rolling down a hill. They are unnoticed at first, but they pick up speed and grow until they can just bowl you over. Thank you for the reminder of overwhelming Grace!