Thursday, May 29, 2014


We love this time of year because for us it is all about preparing to see you in September for our annual Hope at Home conference for adoptive and foster parents. This on-line relationship is all well and good, but there is nothing like spending time together, is there? 

For those of you who have never been, you might like to read what other mothers and fathers have to say about their experience. 

It is our desire at Hope at Home 2014 to Go Beyond:

  • to go beyond the giving and receiving of information and great parenting strategies, although lots of giving a receiving will be going on for sure--stay tuned for speakers and topics!
  • to go beyond the fellowship and comfort of being with other parents who totally "get" what we are doing and experiencing, although we will certainly have some wonderful times together, enjoying old friends and making new ones. (You won't want to miss our H@H Dessert Party with live jazz!)
  • to go beyond the delight and refreshing of time away from the daily ins and outs of family life, although we will surely love that.

Hope at Home 2014 is about trusting God to Go Beyond....

  • to receive revelation from our Father God about our children and to know them as He knows them so that we can parent them according to the way they should go
  • to enjoy the wonderful fellowship not only with each other, but with our Father God who loves us each as His very own beloved sons and daughters
  • to experience the refreshing that lasts way beyond a weekend away as the Holy Spirit pours life into dry places, understanding into places of confusion, and hope into impossible situations. 

So our dear friends, we invite you to join us September 26-27. We so long to see you in person and enjoy a time of going beyond! We are trusting God for ripple effects to reverberate into our children's lives, and even into generations to come. 

He is that good, you know! 

So, to encourage you to register early (since that really does help us in our planning!) we have a really great give away raffle for those of you who register by June 26. Our friend Michelle Harpur from Pure Gratitude has donated a unique necklace for Hope at Home parents. 
We'll announce the winner June 26, but I may have to buy one of these for myself anyway!

If you've come in years past you know that we have a team of faith filled people who will be praying for you and any requests you share with us in our registration questionnaire--and you don't have to win a raffle for that prize! And the earlier you register, the more weeks you'll have knowing that someone is praying for you and your family. Now that's what I call a win/win situation!

Let your adoptive, foster and waiting parent friends know. See you in September! 

 To register and for conference details, click HERE.

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