Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A Word From Stephen Templeton:
Many of us will never forget the exact moment when we began to seriously consider adopting. The amazing sense of calling, the idea that if we said yes, we would be forever changing a child’s destiny. I think I intuitively knew that I would probably be changed as well- I was certainly keenly aware that adopting would bring significant, lasting changes to my family. Those early pre-adoption days were filled with excitement, uncertainty and anticipation, yet there was always a sense that this was greater than what Beth and I could have thought up together on our own. 
Waiting, Waiting and More Waiting
Then comes the waiting, and the waiting, and the waiting, and more waiting, and even still more waiting. I remember days wondering if our adoption was to ever actually take place. We were adopting from Russia, so there seemed to be additional layers of mystery and intrigue. It seemed that there was always a new law, regulation or requirement that was slowing down our process. Didn’t these officials realize that all we wanted to do was to bring our children to our safe, loving home? The paperwork was daunting- notarizations, apostilles, home studies, piles of papers documenting that we were indeed normal, sane people (relatively speaking).
An Overwhelming Sense of Destiny
It’s decided! We’re buying our tickets, actually flying to St. Petersburg, Russia. As we pass through Passport Control in the airport, Beth and I feel like we’re in an old Cold War movie. The whole experience is somewhat surreal- but God’s hand and eye is on us and we know his calling is true. I’ll never forget driving up to the orphanage for the first time, thinking that a year and a half’s work is finally culminating in actually meeting my children for the first time. The hours and hours of prayer for this place and for these children is actually becoming tangible. Amazing! Our daughter and son enter the reception room, and we embrace them. They are 10 and 5 years old and speak no English- it’s somewhat awkward at first- we don’t know each other at all, but the sense of God’s destiny is overwhelming. Then comes the second trip back with our whole family, the court proceedings, flying to Moscow, getting passports and visas, and then flying home to Atlanta. Whew! We did it! We’re done! Right?
Now We Live This Life...
Not even close- now we live life as our new family. Now the real work begins, also the joy, laughter, tears, anger outbursts, peace and sense that our new family is how it was always meant to be. This is what Hope at Home and the upcoming HOPE AT HOME 2011 Conference is all about- how we live this amazing life that God has called us to. There are challenges to be sure, but the Lord always goes before us, equips us, leads us, generously gives wisdom and strength. At Hope at Home 2011, you will have the opportunity to fill up your tank with God’s strength, receive encouragement, discuss practical approaches to parenting and enjoy connecting and getting to know other adoptive or soon to be adoptive parents.
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